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- Where is Yaya Beach located?

Yaya Beach is located close to the hotel area of Mahahual. All of the most popular hotels are located along the Malecon street (promenade) next to the sea, with Yaya Beach placed centrally on the Malecon (promenade). Next to Yaya Beach you can find our partner dive shop "Doctor Dive" and the Italian gelateria "La Dolce Vita".


- How do I reserve a spot at Yaya Beach?

Through our website in the "Reservation" section. You just need to fill the form and then you will be redirected to our check out page for the deposit payment.

- Do I need to pay the whole reservation in advance?
No. We ask only a 5 usd deposit per person, you will be redirected to our Stripe check out during your reservation process.

- What is the cancellation policy?
You will get a full refund of your deposit if you cancel until 24 hours before your arrival or if your cruise ship cannot dock at Costa Maya for any reason.

- Do you offer any other services apart from bar and restaurant?

Yes, next to the bar our partner Doctor Dive offers snorkeling and diving tours.

- Do you offer massage at Yaya Beach?

Yes, we have a massage area at the beach. Make your reservation in advance online in the "Bookings" page.

- What exactly is included in the various open bar packages?

The "Standard" packages include a full open bar (beers, cocktails, shots, sodas, smoothies) and a lounge bed in the shade.

The "Deluxe" packages include a full open bar (beers, cocktails, shots, sodas, smoothies), a Mexican Combo Platter (Quesadillas, Nachos, Guacamole, Chicken/Veggie Tacos) and  lounge bed in the shade.

- Do you use purified water and ice in all your cocktails and cooking?

Yes, our kitchen and bar only uses purified water and ice.

- Does the sun beds have a rental cost per day?

If you don't want an open bar package, the regular lounge beds have a fee of 24.99 Usd per person. The chairs in the bar and dining area have no minimum consume fees.

- Do you provide showers with sweet water?

Yes, there are two showers with sweet water available for our guests.

- Is all your staff English speaking?

Yes, all our staff speaks English! We also have components of the staff who can speak Italian and French.

- Is your staff familiar with common food allergies?

Yes, please let your waiter know and we will attend to your needs.

- Do you offer vegan plates?

Yes! We have plenty of vegan and vegetarians options in our food menu. You can see it on our website in the "MENU" page.

- Are there any special activities offered for kids?

Snorkeling equipment for rent with our partner dive shop "Doctor Dive". The conformation of the reef is perfect for letting your kids go playing in the water on their own, as any possible waves are blocked from the reef located approximately at 150m away from the beach.

- How far away is Yaya Beach located from the cruise ship dock?

Approximately a 10 minutes taxi ride.

- What are the Yaya Beach opening hours?

Every cruise ship day and weekends from 9 am till midnight.

- Do you accept credit card payment?

Yes, we accept Visa, Mastercard and Discovery. We inform that we have to change the amount in Mexican Pesos before charging it.

- Do you offer a towel rental service?

Yes, every towel has a cost of 5 Usd per person.

- Do you have lockers for valuables?

No, it is a very friendly and safe town. However, if you feel the need to keep your valuables somewhere else rather than at the beach, please speak to our staff and we will help you.

- Are pets allowed on the beach?

Yes, dogs and cats are welcome to us at Yaya, and play with our own Franky, Chiquitona and Sandy :).

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